Macro Japan – Sunshine Daydream???

Posted by Greg Weldon - Weldon's Money Monitor

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We have been HARD on Japan over the last two decades of publishing macro- market research … calling it the “Land of the Rising Deflation”, and riding the multi-decade long “Deflation Tsunami” … years before the dreaded d- word (deflation) was at all considered “acceptable” lingo in “proper circles”. 

The occasions upon which we have been “bullish” on Japan, from either a macro-perspective, or a market-angle … have been few and far between. 

With that in mind, we note that the Land of the Rising Sun may be on the cusp of experiencing a “Sunshine Daydream”, to borrow a lyric from the Grateful Dead, providing a moniker – “dead” — that we could associate with Japan’s macro-market situation since 1990. 

Could it be time for a Japanese Sunshine Daydream ??? 

Indeed, the chart below implies that the answer is YES !!! 

We shine the spotlight on the month-to-month change in Japanese Employment, revealing that January’s HUGE monthly increase of +540,000 in the number of Employed represents THE HIGHEST single-month job gain in decades, if not ever. 


Evidence the chart on display below plotting the month-to-month change in Japanese Exports as reported within the Balance of Payments data (BOP, as opposed to the Merchandise Trade figures) … revealing January’s massive expansion, as the Japanese export machine climbs back from the brink.



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