Lookout – Capitalism’s dead – US going Bankrupt and there is going to be War

Posted by Dr. Marc Faber via Pakalert Press

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Capitalism has been the engine driving America and the global economies for over two centuries. Faber predicts its collapse will trigger global “wars, massive government-debt defaults, and the impoverishment of large segments of Western society.” Faber knows that capitalism is not working, capitalism has peaked, and the collapse of capitalism is “inevitable.”

When? He hesitates: “But what I don’t know is whether this final collapse, which is inevitable, will occur tomorrow, or in five or 10 years, and whether it will occur with the Dow at 100,000 and gold at $50,000 per ounce or even confiscated, or with the Dow at 3,000 and gold at $1,000.” But the end is inevitable, a historical imperative

“Some pundits will argue that precious metals are expensive, but this isn’t my view. Why would anyone not own some gold, rather than US dollars, when interest rates are near zero? Dollars can and will be printed en masse, whereas the supply of precious metals is extremely limited.”

Dr. Marc Faber, managing director of Marc Faber Ltd., in a video interview dated 10/29/09 at Barron’s Art of Successful Investing Conference, comments on the dollar, global economy, and his advise to investors to increase holdings in emerging markets.



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