Keeping it simple! Euro versus the US Dollar

Posted by Jack Crooks - Black Swan Capital

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If all we talk about is money, nothing will be funny, honey
And now that everyone’s a critic, it’s makin’ my mascara runny
If we only talk about the heavens, makin’ it together is crazy
If we don’t get a new situation for our destination we’re lazy

But it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be
Please make it be, it’s gonna be

Now if a princess becomes human, stoner on the talk show you’re ruined 
Cause there’s a fine line between a skewer and a decent sense of humor…

It’s Gonna Be, Norah Jones

FX Trading – Keeping it simple! Euro versus the US dollar…

Winston Churchill once said: “Nowhere is more nonsense talked than by currency experts about foreign exchange.”  We are in total agreement, and unfortunately guilty as charged, even though we do our best to spew a minimum of nonsense.

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