Stock Bear Market is Not Over says Market Legends

Posted by Jim Rogers - comment via Richard Russell

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Jim Rogers Says the stocks bear market is not over, in a discussion with Dan Mangru on the financial reform bill, Fed incompetence and what investors should do.

“The best place to have your money is in either sound currencies or real assets. “

Richard Russell of Dow Theory Letters (one of the truly great values) – After being up over 100 points, selling pressure took over. The Dow closed down in another awful performance. Another good performance by June gold; up and back over 1200. Here are some of my latest views . The stock market — a developing disaster. Gold — in a still-unfinished bull market. The dollar — the most accepted of fiat money, and on a path to its doom. Bonds — if denominated in dollars, in the most fundamental sense, a risky bet on the viability of fiat money. Plus bonds are in a long-term primary bear market.

Ed Note: Rogers on the Economy, the US Dollar, Europe and more