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With Gold Making Record High’s, Silver above $20, the original Gold Bug James Dines gives his views to Michael Campbell on Money Talks radio tomorrow morning. Show begins @ 8:35 am PST. You can listen live on the net HERE

The Dines Letter encompasses a vast variety of material based on years of observation and study, encompassing and including these four main areas that combined are called DIQUIN (The Dines Quintet Method of Investing):

Fundamental – what we invest in and why.

Visual (Technical) – Don’t tell me what to buy tell me when to buy it!

Mass Psychology – How to resist being influenced by the crowd. By the time you see a parade it’s too late to join. Learn how to “drink upstream from The Herd.”

The Secrets of High States – How to handle your personal baggage of relationships to money, and how they affect your investment choices.

Those who’ve looked for the key to stock market investing are missing the secret that there are four keys, and you need all four:

1) knowledge of the company itself,

2) trends of stock prices,

3) how the Mass Psychology of others affects your investment choices and

4) how our internal personal baggage affects our choices, (High and Low States). Let

Mr Dines share what he’s learned, not only to help you profit, but also perhaps for personal development.

“Fundamentals” is the study of the company, or property itself, the balance sheet for example, once the only way to analyze stocks, and there is so much literature available on each company we have little to add, other than that it is very important to discover a new field, to be there first, in which the Dines Letter (TDL) specializes. Mr Dines was first to recommend gold at $35/ oz, and was also “The Original Internet Bug,” “The Original China Bug,” “The Original Uranium Bug” and now “The Original Rare Earth Bug.”

But Mr Dines was the frustrated by the absence of timing when investing by Fundamentals, so he pioneered the study stock prices themselves, charting trends , called “Visual or Technical Analysis,” staying with uptrends to make money. Now it’s an acceptable and popular discipline. His original book on this subject is sold out, is out of print and goes for over $1,000 a copy on the Internet. However Visual Analysis is covered in The Dines Letter.

Still unsatisfied, and suspected that there had to be more, Mr Dines decided that psychology had to be part of investing decisions also, still a radical idea, and his third book Mass Psychology pioneered that arena. Two whole chapters of his Mass Psychology book are devoted to “The Secret Desire of All Gamblers to Lose,” which is how the Las Vegas casinos got rich, and psychoanalytically why they never have windows or clocks. (Receive The Dines Letter’s special report “Why all Gamblers Secretly Want to Lose – Mass Psychology for Investors” with your subscription order.)
Individual psychology is vertical, genes plus experience, so when Mass Psychology ripples through a crowd, or a Mass, and the gamblers are all stampeding in one direction, replete with the excitement of pulsating adrenal glands, is usually the time to sell. For example, the Internet, or real estate manias.

When The Dines Letter (TDL) issued a “Buy” signal for the market on 2 Mar 09 (within four days of the low), the Mass Fear was more intense than Mr Dines had ever experienced in the stock market and even he had to struggle to resist it. TDL’s theory is that all stocks cycle through Mass Greed and Mass Fear, The Dines Greed/Fear Oscillator which we call DIGFOI.

The Dines Letter will introduce you to what Mr Dines has discovered regarding “internal baggage” from each individual’s financial past and how High States and Low States, as described in his fifth book, The Secrets of High States, have a direct impact on our investing success and personal growth. Become a subscriber to The Dines Letter to take advantage of this encompassing investment strategy as laid out by Mr Dines in each individual issue. Each issue is filled with incredible profit-building benefits:
Benefit from TDL’s six investment “Supervised Lists” in each issue, separated by investment strategy (ie high risk, high potential capital gains, or moderate capital gains, moderate risk, moderate income, good long-term fundamentals and his “core holdings”).

You get specific “Buy” and “Sell” advice.
You’ll get the buy price and current value in every single issue of TDL until a specific “Sell” is advised, so their advice to you is 100% accountable.

In each issue, Mr Dines provides his take on stock matters, and what you learn will easily separate your thinking from the masses, and you’ll discover the impact of current events beyond what you may be reading the mainstream media regarding political, health, scientific and social events that have always has major effects on the market.
Mr Dines’ general market commentary gives you the lowdown on what’s happening in stocks, bonds, gold, silver, Rare Earths, uranium, interest rates and much more.

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