James Dines Important Market Calls Since 2000

Posted by James Dines

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Gold & Silver:
On 25 Sep 2001 Mr Dines flashed a Major “Buy” signal for gold at $288 and silver at $4.55 which subsequently rose 395% and 586%. While Mr Dines is know as The Original Goldbug, his silver stock picks (Dines Silver Stock Average- DISSA) had an even more spectacular gain of 1,186%.

Mr Dines brought uranium to the forefront on 15 Sep 2000 when the metal was at $8/lb and the most hated investment idea on the planet, which subsequently rose to $138/lb a 1,625% rise. His recommended uranium stocks had a phenomenal rise until 2007. Despite a 3-year uranium bear market, as of 2010 the Dines Uranium Stock Average (DIURANIA) is up 594% for the past 10 years. Since the 2008 Bottom, it is currently up 101%. The metal itself is now up 750% since recommended at $8/lb.

Rare Earths:
Mr Dines latest “golden call” was on Rare Earths on 22 May 09, declaring The Dines Letter as The Original Rare Earth Bug, when almost nobody had heard of these vital elements needed in high tech and green technology. The Rare Earth Oxides have since risen 515% and The Dines Rare Earth Index is up 994%. Some of his picks are Rare Element Resources up 6,511% and Quest up 15,475%.

The Dines Letter issued a “Buy” signal on 16 Jan 04 at $224.75, and it rose 265% to the subsequent high at $819.75.  It led all precious metals in 2010.

Repurchased at $1,005 on 10 Oct 08, rose 82% as of 19 Jan 11.

Real Estate Crash:
Predicted in 14 Jan 05: “‘The Coming Real Estate Crash’ will teach a lesson in illiquidity and shake the mortgage markets to its roots” from the dust cover of Goldbug! and also predicted on Mike Campbell’s show on several occasions.