Food – shortages and soaring prices coming soon

Posted by ZeroHedge - comment by Jim Rogers

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Jim Rogers Rogers said that he foresees the financial crisis leading to food shortages in the next few years and that the agriculture sector is in need of large measures of investing, which will make commodities prices “go through the roof.” 01/26/2010 – full article HERE (written copy under video)


Is Food the New Distressed Asset?

During the sixties, new dwarf varieties, irrigation, fertilizer, and heavy duty pesticides tripled crop yields, unleashing a green revolution. But guess what? The world population has doubled from 3.5 to 7 billion since then, eating up surpluses, and is expected to rise to 9 billion by 2050.

Now we are running out of water in key areas like the American West and Northern India, droughts are hitting Australia, Africa, and China, soil is exhausted, and global warming is shriveling yields.  Water supplies are so polluted with toxic pesticide residues that rural cancer rates are soaring.

Food reserves are now at 20 year lows…..

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