Investment Opportunities & Pitfalls for the Rest of 2019 – A MoneyTalks Special Report

Posted by Michael Campbell

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I am very pleased to be able to offer this time-sensitive compilation of exclusive analysis and insights from some of the best financial minds in the English-speaking world. It is nothing short of awesome to have this much material produced exclusively for MoneyTalks subscribers. This was achieved based on over 3 decades of relationship and friendships, and I want to thank these folks again for agreeing to participate.

Please enjoy and I hope you will encourage your friends, family and colleagues to subscribe to our free E-News Service so they can have access as well. ~ Michael Campbell

Chapter 1 – Seasonal Investing for the Rest of 2019 – Short Term Pain & Long Term Gain by Don Vialoux

Chapter 2 – Canadian Energy Stocks Waiting to Surf the Coming Global Manufacturing Wave by John Johnston, PhD

Chapter 3 –  Lucky Seven Seven Major Macro – Market “Themes” for the Rest of 2019 by Greg Weldon

Chapter 4 –  Why I’m Worried and What You Should Do by Lance Roberts

Chapter 5 –  Gold will be a Good Hedge and Other Ideas for 2019 by Dr. Martin Murenbeeld

Chapter 6 –  The Trend Letter – Our Investing Strategies for 2019 by Martin Straith

Chapter 7 –  From Energy Bear to Energy Bull:  Where to Invest in 2019-2020 by Joseph Schachter

Chapter 8 –  Cannabis & Healthcare by Paul Beattie

Chapter 9 –  Stock Picks – Taking Advantage of Low % Rates & Other Factors by Tyler Bollhorn

Chapter 10 –  The Bullish Case for Big Returns in U.S. Treasury Bonds by Patrick Ceresna

Chapter 11 –  Real Estate – A Case of the ‘Yeah But’s’ Again? by Ozzie Jurock

Chapter 12 –  Massive Healthcare Cost Boom – Crisis & Opportunity by Ryan Irvine

Chapter 13 –  Junior Resources for the Rest of 2019 by Eric Coffin