Invest in energy sector: Marc Faber

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MUMBAI (Commodity Online): Commodities boom in the last one year has broken several records as precious metals, base metals and several agricultural commodities are running at historic, record prices these days.

But what about crude oil and other energy-related sectors? Should you invest in energy sector?

Yes, investing in energy sector including natural gas is the best choice these days, says Marc Faber, global investment analyst and Editor and Publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.

In an interview to India’s CNBC TV channel, Faber, who has been forecasting bullish predictions on commodities, said that the entire energy sector including natural gas is probably relatively attractive because the global economy could surprise on the upside.

He said that the emerging markets continue to grow and the oil demand continues to grow, especially out of China and India.

“The Europe and US stabilizes and also recovers somewhat, in which case the demand for oil will go up and drive up prices,” he told the television channel.

On the other hand, Faber said, if the world again goes into recession, it will be accompanied by significant geo-political tensions, in which case there could be oil interruption and oil would also rally. In either case, oil will stay high.

Faber said: “If I look around markets, we had a very negative sentiment about the euro six months ago. Recently, we had a very negative sentiment about the US dollar. From this very low sentiment level for the US dollar where everybody hated the US dollar, in other words we can have somewhat of a recovery.”

On Monday, crude oils went up after a Chinese government report said that energy demand in the dragon country will continue to rise in t he coming months.

The January crude oil contract increased by 0.8 percent, to touch $88.47 a barrel, on the New York Mercantile Exchange and was at $88.43.