Housing Starts are Finished

Posted by David Rosenberg - Gluskin Sheff

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The U.S. housing market is definitely weakening.  That 5.9% MoM slide in housing starts, to 575k at an annual rate in February, was far more than just a weather report because even excluding the Northeast, activity still fell 5.4% on the month.

The single-family sector dipped 0.6% MoM, to 499k at an annual rate.  Single- family starts appear to have bottomed out last spring/summer, but the problem is that there is no follow-through despite all the stimulus — in large part because of the still large overhang of supply.

The multi-family sector was the key culprit, falling 30.3% MoM in February back down to 76k at an annual rate.  Moreover, there is no reason for the weather to have played a role in the fact that building permits were down 1.6% in February — the second decline in the past three months.  And, the NAHB index is highly suggestive of further declines in both home sales and housing starts in coming months.  Single-family starts and the NAHB are both back down to June-July levels and yet the S&P Homebuilding index is up 40% from that time.  That is what you call …. a whole lot of air.

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  • U.S. housing starts are finished
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