Highlights from the 2016 WOFC

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Since its founding in 1990 the World Outlook Financial Conference has been dedicated to one goal – to help individual investors make more money from their investments. We have achieved that goal by offering access to the world’s best independent financial analysts. Analysts who have exceptional track records in forecasting market trends, recommending specific opportunities and warning of impending dangers. Last year’s Conference was no different.

John Johnston PhD. @ Davis Rea

“I expect a $0.10 – $0.15 rally in the Canadian dollar. And when we get close to $0.80 it will be time to buy the $US.”

Mark Leibovit @ vrnewsletters.com

Precious Metals – “I’m looking for silver to hit the $18 – $30 range…. I like gold and would use the Swiss Gold Physical ETF SGOL.”

Amazing Stock Picks – “Freeport McMoran (FCX)… 3D Printing (DDD)… Las Vegas Sands (LVS)… Wynn Casinos (WYNN)… Raytheon (RTN)… Taser Industries (TASR).

Martin Armstrong @armstrongeconomics.com

On Brexit – “They’re just going to vote to get out – that’s it. The euro experiment is a complete failure.”

On Trump – “He is not a fluke, he’s not going away and he will win the Republican nomination… he is a symptom of a collapse in confidence in government.

On Debt – “I would move out of government bonds altogether and get into AAA corporates.”

On low interest rates – “It’s created a pension crisis that that will impact every Western nation. But is ignored by all of them, left or right.”

Josef Schachter @ Schachter Asset Mgmt

Must Buy Stocks – “Birchcliff @ 2.85… Pengrowth @ 66.00… Enerplus @ 2.60… Surge @ 1.40… TransCanada and Enbridge + a host of others.”

The World Outlook Small Cap Portfolio by Ryan Irvine

FTG @ 2.60… SYZ @ 8.00… PHO @ 0.64