Hedge Fund Titan John Paulson Bullish On Bonds – Equities….

Posted by Trader Mark

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…. Equities Not Too Shabby Either; Inflation Concerns Remain

John Paulson… super bull? Goodness. To some degree I find “whale watching” a bit overrated, but after being the most obvious winner of the mortgage meltdown (Ed Note: John Paulson is famous for scoring about $20 billion of profits between 2007 and early 2009 wagering against the housing market and financial companies), and then piling into gold ahead of a huge run (read the Nov. 19th/09 Wall Street Journal article that position HERE. ) … Paulson’s moves are watched by the investment world very closely. One of the hottest investors on the planet is now chock full of bonds – especially the moral hazard kind (i.e. backstopped by US government). And has his highest net long exposure in “a long time”.

No one will be correct forever, but it does make you stand notice…especially since his success is based on actually making big macro calls rather than building an army of computers co-located as close as possible to a stock exchange, so he can surge ahead of your order by 4/1000ths of a second to make mad money.

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