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Posted by Mark Leibovit - VRTrader

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Precious metals rallied, especially platinum and palladium, but finished the session well below their highs. Nevertheless, metals are back in rally mode as traders buy insurance in the face of so many uncertainties, including Greece, Goldman Sachs, the Dollar, and the volcano. Gold gained 5.20 to 1140.40 but had traded as high as 1147.40. Silver was up 0.10 to 17.82 but was as high as 18.06. Platinum jumped 20 to 1715 (platinum futures posted their highest close in two years) while palladium rallied 14 to 550 and hit a new two-year high of 557.”

“I did not switch to a TIMER DIGEST ‘Sell’ signal for Gold. I am giving Gold and other metals the benefit of the doubt because I believe there is a case that for at least Gold we could experience inter-market divergence and Gold could become a refuge, despite the blatant manipulation of the ‘paper’ market by the government. Whether I do decide to flip to a ‘Sell’ signal for Gold or not, I think it is unwise to sell your physical Gold. The upside is far too great and the overall 20 year up-cycle is wind at our back during uncertain times.”








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