Gold – This is bull Market that is Far from over….

Posted by The Gold Forecaster -comment from Dennis Gartman

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GOLD IN STERLING  TERMS:  Advance;  Consolidate; Rinse and  Repeat:  The trend really is  rather clear here, is it not? We  are long and we hope to  become longer still once £725 is  taken out from below.   Patience, please; patience!


Why the ‘Bull’ Market is Far from Over

by the Gold Forecaster

Some talk of the end of the credit crunch. Some say that the gold bull market has suffered severe damage, which will affect its long-term prospects. If we were to accept these statements then it would appear that the gold ‘bull’ market is over. But are these statements acceptable and do they reflect the true picture underlying the gold [and silver] markets?

To get the proper perspective let’s stand back
and look at the ‘BIG’ picture.

Ed Note: the following topics, detailed analysis are in the following topics in the article:

Credit Crunch

U.S. Trade Deficit

Oil Prices

Weekly Gold Bull Market Updates…

Ed Note: The article Concludes:

The Impact on Gold and Silver Prices

While monetary authorities may not be happy to see a resurgence of global demand for gold and silver, those who are able to, will see these mounting controls as a threat to the true measurement of value, which currencies have provided since the last world war. As the dangers become more apparent, the $: € exchange rate will not serve as a determinant of the gold and silver prices, but the falling macro-confidence, fear of more instability, doubts about the value of global currencies, both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ and uncertainty on a broad global front, will prompt a broadening of the type of global investors attracted to these metals to reflect these fears over time, to ensure that the gold and silver prices reflect global values and counter those measured against controlled values [managed currencies] in other markets.

Certainly, the ‘bull’ market in gold and silver is far from over. The market is metamorphosizing into a new phase promising far higher prices than we even contemplate now.

What prices will gold and silver have then?
“The actual prices of gold and silver will become simply academic.”

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