Gold – the stealth Bull Market

Posted by Peter Grandich - Agoracom Small Cap Investment

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As noted over the weekend, option expiration in the gold market led to weakness. What a surprise-lol! While risk remains to $1,015 – $1,025, and even as low as either side of $1,000 if the U.S. Dollar can get above 78 on the U.S. Dollar Index, don’t lose sight of the bigger technical picture. Richard Russell of The Dow Theory Newsletter has correctly noted how gold has once again broken out from a bullish triangle formation. We remain in a secular bull market that’s been stealth-like and dominated in the news by bears (who have been wrong over and over again) and weak-kneed bulls who missed the latest up move and desperately need a bigger pullback to get back in so not to lose face.

Special Alert

Continental Minerals (KMK-TSX-V $1.50) is my largest personal holding of which I added to aggressively this morning. While I don’t work for the company, I do work for other companies managed by KMK’s management group, Hunter-Dickinson.

I’ve been speculating that KMK is a takeover target. The recent entry of a Chinese mining company as the second large Chinese company to hold a significant stake in KMK, IMHO has set off a ticking clock for either them or another party or parties to make a bid for KMK. This news today was the tip off as far as I’m concern. I believe they’re posturing to make a bid. The original large shareholder can not afford IMHO to wait and must be preemptive.

I’m raising the buy limit on KMK to $1.55. Please remember, one must be prepared to lose part or all their capital when speculating/gambling.

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