Gold stocks up 8% yesterday! Next …

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Breaking News: Record-shattering federal deficits

CRUSHING the U.S. dollar!

Gold stocks surge 8% in one day!
Next, get ready for my new recos

Gold explodes to new, all-time record high!
LE1089Source: Bloomberg

Metals, foods and other resources soaring!

Resource investors seeing massive daily gains!

I’m about to pull the trigger on a bundle of resource investment recos …

Each one carefully designed to help YOU harness the remarkable money-making power of this historic resource price explosion …

But if you’re not on-board, you could miss them entirely!

I tried to warn you this would happen.

Just yesterday, Washington announced that the final, official federal deficit for fiscal year 2009 was $1.4 trillion — three times the previous record — a clear sign that we can expect even greater Treasury borrowing and even faster Fed money-printing ahead.

The reaction from global investors came quickly: Overnight, the U.S. dollar fell to an eyelash of its 14-month low and is still falling like a rock.

As a result, the price we pay for crucial resources took off like a scalded dog:

  • Gold bullion prices surged 1.4 percent to a new all-time record high, breaking through the $1,058-per-ounce barrier.
  • Silver roared 2.5 percent higher. Platinum increased 1.3 percent and palladium posted 2.5 percent gains. Oil rose 1.3 percent.
  • Corn, wheat, oats, rice, soybeans, cocoa, coffee, pork bellies, feeder cattle, all jumped — some as much as 2 percent to 3 percent — in a single session.
Even before this news hit the wires this morning, the stock of companies that produce, transport or sell these critical resources surged. Yesterday alone …
  • Equinox Minerals jumped 5.15 percent …
  • Rio Tinto jumped 5.23 percent …
  • European Goldfields jumped 7.45 percent …
  • Atlas Iron jumped 8.2 percent …
  • Fortescue Metals jumped 9.12 percent …
  • Hallador Petroleum jumped 11.3 percent …
  • And many other resource stocks surged even higher!

This great natural resource boom is real. It’s happening now.

Big money is being made with these investments! I do NOT want you to be left behind!

Here’s what I’m asking you to do to protect your family and profit:

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Best wishes,

Larry Edelson