Gold Stocks Rising: Finding the Big Gain

Posted by Eric Coffin & Michael Campbell

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Michael Campbell: Eric  Coffin is of Hard Rock Advisories is with us now. He and his brother David have had a tremendous track record in looking at opportunities in the mineral market, the gold/silver market. Eric you were just in the big PDAC Conference (Prospectors & Developers Association) in Toronto. What’s the feel there? Is there tremendous optimism right now in that center.

Eric Coffin: It was the usual madhouse and even for the PDAC it was an unusual madhouse. One of Dave’s comments was that I think it was the second day it took him 40 minutes to get his coat out of the coat check. It was completely insane. It’s a very old conference and for most of it’s history it was really an industry conference, it wasn’t really an investment conference. That’s sort of been tacked onto it, and you see so many people coming from so many parts of the world now. There’s still a lot of fund managers, there’s still a lot of money that wants into this sector.