Gold Not in a Bubble, On Its Way to $10,000 an Ounce

Posted by Nick_Barisheff: The Market Oracle

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In this article, we will look at three of the most significant reasons why gold is not in a bubble and will continue rising in value for years to come.

There are two ways of looking at gold. The first is the Western way, viewing gold through the lens of fiat currency training. This approach sees gold as a wealth-gaining asset that can be traded like any other asset class or commodity for currency gains. The second way is how the world’s major gold buyers at this time see gold. The Chinese, Indians and Middle Easterners see gold as a wealth-preserving asset that serves the purpose of money. The second group will ultimately be responsible for driving gold into the five-digit range. Many of these people have had direct experience of the damage to one’s wealth a currency crisis can cause. The most aggressive buyers, the Chinese, experienced 4,000 percent inflation per month between 1947 and 1949.

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