Gold Alert!!! – US Dollar at a Key Point – Grandich on Money Talks today

Posted by Peter Grandich - Agora Small Cap Epicenter

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Gold Alert!!!

The ever-growing camp of gold bears and weak-knee bulls had every reason to cave in gold today with the big short Commercial hedgers/long specs on the Comex. Yet as I type, gold has come roaring back. If you’re a bear you’ve to start asking yourself what else will it take to take gold down? Better yet, are you about to get your shorts squeezed?



Special Alert – U.S. Dollar At Key Point

The terminally ill U.S. Dollar is trying to remove itself from its respirator for a while. Record low bullish sentiment in the Forex pits combined with it brushing up against the top of a clearly defined downtrend suggests it needs careful watching for the short term at least. A close above the 50-Day M.A. around 78 would be the first real sign a counter-trend rally is underway. Any such rally should be held around the 200-Day M.A. in the 82 area.


Tomorrow’s employment number could be the ignition so stay tuned.

Ed Note: Unemployment story HERE.  US Dollar down on the news:



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