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As soon as ex-General Electric CEO Jack Welch fired off a tweet questioning today’s just released jobs numbers – “Unbelievable ..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change the numbers” the media went into a frenzy talking about how “conservatives” were launching conspiracy theories. Well, that’s handy for the media and the Obama campaign, but it’s not just “conservatives” who are confused by a full 0.3% drop in unemployment when only 114k jobs were created.

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Update @ 3pm PST:

Ex-GE chief Welch leads ‘fraud’ fury over jobs data – 

It took just milliseconds for the conspiracy theories to surface. Moments after the US Labor Department announced that the US jobless rate had fallen sharply to 7.8 percent — a very favorable number for President Barack Obama — the financial website Zerohedge tweeted: “Total data manipulation. Such a farce.”

Florida Republican congressmen Allen West: “I agree with former GE CEO Jack Welch, Chicago style politics is at work here.”

— Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham: “Jobs #s from Labor Secretary Hilda Solis are total pro-Obama propaganda.”

The White House quickly went on the defensive. Solis, who oversees the Bureau of Labor Statistics which produces the data, said she was “insulted” by Welch and the others

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“These numbers are so suspect, even MSNBC can’t swallow them.” (video 1:12)