Debate: From Bear to Bull – or?… James Grant – David Rosenberg

Posted by James Grant - Grant's Interest Rate Observer - David Rosenberg - Gluskin Sheff

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Juxtaposition: Whose Right James Grant or David Rosenberg

James Grant argues the latest gloomy forecasts ignore an important lesson of history: The deeper the slump, the zippier the recovery.


As if they really knew, leading economists predict that recovery from our Great Recession will be plodding, gray and jobless. But they don’t know, and can’t. The future is unfathomable.

Not famously a glass half-full kind of fellow, I am about to propose that the recovery will be a bit of a barn burner.

… full article HERE.


David Rosenberg highly recommends one reads James Grant’s article to understand the other side of the debate.  But he has some major problems with the points being
made…….read full article HERE. (Ed Note: begin bottom of page 4 or 8).