Friday is Key

Posted by Peter Grandich - Agora Small Cap Epicenter

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Short Update

Friday’s employment number is almost certainly IMHO the key to what the U.S. stock market does for the balance of the year. Any real indication that unemployment is easing should give the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd the ammunition to resume it’s march towards DJIA 10,500+. On the other hand (I never like to hedge but it’s the right choice at the moment), a surprise bump up in unemployment should remove whatever hot air remains under the market and lead to a sharper decline. Friday is key!

The floor I spoke of in gold at four digits is now in. Numerous so-called experts, money managers, investors, etc., were either outright bearish, turned bearish or became weak knee and looked for a correction when gold was around $1,000. They never got a chance to get back in and now the market has gotten away from them. The natural tendency is to try and talk the gold price back so you can justify not chasing to get back in but that has not been a worthy approach for years in gold. The bears have a gigantic problem. Sorry but I won’t lose any sleep over the anti-gold getting their just dessert.


The U.S. Dollar continue to be long on anticipation of a bear market rally but way short on delivering on it. Again, it needs to get above 78 on the U.S. Dollar Index before we change even our short-term outlook.


I still hope to see oil at $85+ in hopes of getting short again.


Natural gas is ho-hum.


I continue to like shorting U.S. Treasuries 10 and 30-yr maturities.


I updated model portfolio recommendations. Please note I extended the buy zone on Continental Minerals. The trading pattern continues to suggest heavy accumulation. We now have two business competitors who appear not to like each other and both apparently need what KMK has. I think a $3+ share price is what it would take to get management’s support of a friendly bid. Stay tuned!

The more I look at metal prices and Bisha, the more I love Nevsun Resources. Given what metal prices have done of late, I think $3 or under is relatively cheap for NSU shares. Great Basin Gold remains quite cheap given the big bump up in gold prices.

Company Alert

In previous articles I have told you about the leverage that you will get from emerging producers.  Gold hit an all time high today of $1089. Timmins Gold is so close to pouring gold you can taste it.

A story that I have written about before is Timmins Gold and its San Francisco mine in Mexico. Timmins Gold is ramping up in hopes of full production before the end of 2009.  The company has begun the leach process and now has gold in the leach fluids. The next step will be to extract the gold using the gold plant on site.  This is planned for the next few weeks. Next year Timmins Gold can be producing between 80,000 and 100,000 ounces of gold at a cash cost of approximately $400 per ounce. The company has been drilling around the current pit and should also have some exploration results before the end of this year.

Timmins’ expansion plan consists of expanding the current reserve and lifespan of the San Francisco Mine, advance its other exploration projects and to make strategic acquisitions all utilizing future cash flow and not by dilution. The recent deal with Sprott was a watershed event IMHO. I’m of course bias due to my working relationship but I feel with the fundamentals finally firing on all cylinders, gold’s big break-out, and the chart on TMM suggesting a close above $.88 could be a break out for the stock, most speculators need to consider the company ASAP.




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Off to Toronto for BNN tomorrow then Montreal Investment Conference.


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