Financial Advisory Services

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When it comes to dealing with our own finances it can be enormously difficult to sort through the variety of information available to us at any given time. How do we discern fact from fantasy? How do we know who to trust? And who can we rely on to guide us in the right direction especially in these uncertain economic times?

Ultimately success lies in our ability to gather as much information as possible; to do the legwork and the research that will allow us to confidently make our financial choices.

Michael Campbell Money Talks Radio provides listeners with information; and information is the key to confidence in the financial market – to disconnect money from emotion and get to the heart of what will work for us.

Our website, an extension of the radio show, provides financial advisory services that put investors in the driver’s seat. We seek out those analysts and experts who not only provide relevant information but help users apply that information so that they can better manage their risk.

In truth, successful investment has nothing whatsoever to do with luck; rather it’s about creating a methodology that works for you; a specific approach that over time allows you to effectively manage your risk. The creation of such a strategy begins first with education and understanding.

Money Talks provides the resources that allow you to educate yourself on the topics at hand; what may and may not work for you, the current market conditions, the options available and more; so that you could take control of your finances with a level of sophistication that will increase your probability of success.

Approaching today’s market with anything less than a clear focus and a strategic plan sets you up for nothing but loss. With education and a plan of action, however, you can manage your risk and keep your eye on the prize.

Browse throughout our website to find the tools that will help you make the most sense of your financial situation and give you the insight to make clear, confident choices. We provide everything from daily updates to market opinions by those who know and understand the market and are not afraid to share what they have learned so that it may benefit you.