Exploding Higher: Gold Commodites Currencies!

Posted by Larry Edelson -Uncommon Wisdom

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Gold up $41! Commodities, currencies exploding higher!

Larry here with an urgent update on gold, silver, platinum, sugar, and almost every tangible asset under the sun.

It’s been less than 24 hours since the Fed announced it’s cranking up the printing presses again and …

Gold has already skyrocketed $41 per ounce!

Silver has jumped by more than a full dollar!

Platinum has exploded $52

Grains are flying — up 2 percent to 3 percent each … coffee is up nearly 3 percent … and sugar is up a screaming 5 percent!

All in just a few hours!

All happening right now as I write these words!

Why? The reason should be obvious. It’s because, just as we’ve been warning you …

Bernanke is

This isn’t conjecture. It’s what Bernanke himself is aiming to do! And it’s precisely what we’ve been warning you about all along.

Indeed, investors worldwide are just now beginning to understand what we told YOU here yesterday!

  • The elections have put Congress OUT of the stimulus business.
  • That leaves only the Federal Reserve to pump money into the economy.
  • The Fed’s ONLY tool for doing that is the printing press; to flood the world with newly created, unbacked paper dollars.
  • That means the buying power of your money is being destroyed … your cost of living is being eroded … and your financial security and independence are now in play!

This is no time for inaction! Anyone who fails to do what’s necessary to protect their wealth is tacitly agreeing to simply watch it dwindle with every new dollar the Fed prints.
And those who fail to harness the awesome power of this new mega-trend will miss out on many of the greatest profit opportunities of our generation!

Our next presentation to help
you profit is just days away!

As you read this, we’re working nonstop on a brand-new presentation entitled “The $3 Trillion Lie.”

In it, we show you precisely HOW this destruction of the dollar will affect the investment markets. And we also show you how much you could earn by making the right moves now.

We’ll send you a special email inviting you to view this crucial strategy update within the next few days. So be sure to watch your inbox!

Best wishes,


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