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At Money Talks we are committed to providing investors the tools to create their own financial opportunities. Our website is all about accessibility – giving users the opportunity to find the financial path that works best for them. To that end, we are proud to showcase Disnat Direct.

An online discount brokerage company, Disnat works to facilitate the investment decision made by investors working on their own behalf – educated investors who have a clear direction for their financial plan. Disnat quickly, efficiently and affordably executes the orders given to them by their investors.

Independent, experienced investors are able monitor up to the minute market changes and take advantage of the powerful tools available on Disnat Direct; information that helps maximize the opportunities for success and most effectively manage risk. Stockscores – a highly rated stock search engine – is one of the tools to which Disnat Direct provides to its clients free of charge, plus StockSchool Pro which helps to more thoroughly educate investors on products and investment opportunities.

This is what we mean by helping to not only give investors the information they need but to help implement that information. Disnat also fits into our policy of making available to investors advice from reputable and forward-thinking financial professionals. Launched in 2003, Disnat Direct is a part of the prestigious Desjardins Group, one of Canada’s top ten financial institutions that has offered comprehensive financial guidance for over twenty-five years.

Disnat Direct mirrors the business philosophy of Money Talks – providing consumers with information they can trust and honoring their commitment to not only serve, but educate their customers. The economy is ever-changing and financial needs change on a dime; investors need to be able to swiftly and knowledgeably navigate the market with confidence.

Be sure to browse through all that our website has to offer in terms of up to the minute information, commentary, opinions from analysts and financial experts. Money Talks is continually committed to providing consumers with the tools that they need to find their financial stride and pursue those investment opportunities that have the maximum chances for success.