Crude’s Bullish Behavior

Posted by Rick Ackerman - Ricks Picks

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Could Prove Contagious



Because securities markets sometimes do crazy things for stretches of days, weeks or even months, Rick’s Picks seldom attempts to reconcile seemingly contradictory forecasts for trading vehicles that are related, such as crude oil and gold (more on these two in a moment).  Nor do we seek to explain the ups and downs of stocks, bonds and commodities by connecting their frequently nutty behavior to events in the even nuttier world.  That futile task we leave to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and their ilk, since they are in the business of selling news as something that matters greatly, particularly to investors. It is with the foregoing in mind that we came to contemplate a seeming fork in the road for crude oil and gold. On the charts, the former looks like it’s about to blast off, while the latter seems bent on screwing the pooch for the remainder of 2011. We said as much in the headline that topped yesterday’s commentary:  Doomed Rally in Stocks Could Cap Gold’s Surge. Doomed may have been too strong a word – we did write a column for a Hearst paper for a few years, remember – but bulls could hardly have been encouraged by the egg the broad averages laid yesterday after having rallied nearly 300 points the day before.


If We Were Laying Odds…

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