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Contract Size    5,000 bushels (~ 127 Metric Tons)

Deliverable Grade    #2 Yellow at contract Price, #1 Yellow at a 1.5 cent/bushel premium #3 Yellow at a 1.5 cent/bushel discount

Pricing Unit    Cents per bushel

Tick Size (minimum fluctuation)
1/4 of one cent per bushel ($12.50 per contract)

Contract Months/Symbols    March (H), May (K), July (N), September (U) & December (Z)

Trading Hours    CME Globex (Electronic Platform)6:00 pm – 7:15 am  and 9:30 am  – 1:15 pm central time, Sunday – Friday Central TimeOpen Outcry (Trading Floor)9:30 am  – 1:15 pm  Monday – Friday Central Time

Daily Price Limit    $0.30 per bushel expandable to $0.45 and then to $0.70 when the market closes at limit bid or limit offer. There shall be no price limits on the current month contract on or after the second business day preceding the first day of the delivery month.

Settlement Procedure    Physical Delivery

Last Trade Date    The business day prior to the 15th calendar day of the contract month.

Last Delivery Date    Second business day following the last trading day of the delivery month.
Product Ticker Symbols    CME GlobexZC

C=ClearingOpen OutcryC
Exchange Rule    These contracts are listed with, and subject to, the rules and regulations of CME.