Controversial Figure says these Political Moves ensure Oil is going to shoot higher – Soon

Posted by Rush Limbaugh - the EIB Network

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RUSH:  Well, I’ll tell you what I think is going to happen.  I read an Investor’s Business Daily editorial today, and thought I put it near the top of the stack, but I didn’t.  It’s a fascinating little editorial about some of the plans the Obama administration has for energy in this country.  And when I read this editorial, one of the things that I concluded was — here’s what it is.  “The House of Representatives approved already a Senate-passed omnibus bill –” now, follow me on this “– that puts two million more acres of energy rich land off-limits.  Last Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed on a 285-148 vote the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 (S.22), which confirms our theory that no good comes from legislation labeled ‘comprehensive’ or ‘omnibus.’  S.22 is a smorgasbord of 160 bills totaling more than 1,300 pages and, no, we’re not sure how many who voted for it actually read it. A stimulus bill it is not, for it locks up an additional 2 million acres to the 107 million acres of federally owned wilderness areas. That total is more than the area of Montana and Wyoming combined,” that are now off-limits for energy production. 

Some of this area that has been placed now off-limits is among the most energy-rich in this country.  It’s being placed off-limits.  Now, we know that the Democrats are opposed to new drilling offshore.  They’re opposed, as is Obama, to the creation and discovery of new domestic energy.  Now, stick with me on this because this dovetails with the takeover of General Motors and Chrysler and the dictates that will result after whatever happens, either they take ’em over, there’s bankruptcy, restructuring, what have you.  Obama knows that the tipping point to get you out of big cars is four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline.  Obama said when the price of gasoline last summer got up to four dollars, he didn’t have a problem with it, he was just upset how quickly the price increases took place.  So, Democrats and Obama restrict more of our own natural energy resources, placing discovery and usage off-limits, take over the automobile industry, say to General Motors, “Okay, 11 of your top 20 sales vehicles are showing a profit are SUVs and trucks but we’re going to change that with a political decision, not an economic decision.”  ……full article HERE