Confusion reigns supreme as we reach a cross roads for risk

Posted by Greg Weldon - Weldon's Money Monitor

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“As unthinkable as it may be to some … the risk of a complete unraveling of the European Union … is intensifying, dramatically, and rapidly. “

A brief comment from the extensive analysis contained in Weldon’s Money Monitor. Michael Campbell calls Greg Weldon – “The One Analyst other Analysts can’t Wait to Read.”


From Detective Harry Callahan, also known as “Dirty Harry”, the tough-as-nails San Francisco Detective in Joseph Stinson’s 1983 film “Sudden Impact” … as he prepares to blow away a criminal with his 357-Magnum … 

… “Go ahead, make my day.”  … 

… while begging the cornered crook to make a “play”, which would give Dirty Harry the opportunity to use his weapon. 

Indeed, that famous movie “line”, voted number 6 on the list of Top-100 Movie Lines, as determined by the American Film Institute (AFI) … went on to become synonymous with the “Make My Day Law”, an American legal doctrine held in the majority of the United States of America …

… which is also known as the “Castle Doctrine”.

This law gives “castle-owners (homeowners, obviously) the “right” to use
“deadly force” to discharge “trespassers”, or, to protect anyone that is legally on the premises.

Right now, European Union member “states” are increasingly having to invoke their own “Castle Doctrine” (much more aptly named for a European
doctrine, than an American one
) … with an intensified threat which may lead to the use of “deadly force” by states experiencing ratings downgrades, interest rate spikes, credit default swap widening, and general “attack” being carried out on their “debt instruments”. 

Greece is ready to use deadly force.  Ireland and Spain have armed themselves. Latvia and Lithuania are already armed. And, core EU members France and Italy, are increasingly in the danger zone. 

In FACT … of the 27 European Union „member state… ONLY five, maintain a budget deficit within the limits set by the Maastricht Treaty which imposes a hard ceiling of 3%, as measured by the Budget-Deficit-to-GDP Ratio. 

ONLY FIVE of TWENTY-SEVEN … are in “compliance”.

As unthinkable as it may be to some … the risk of a complete unraveling of the European Union … is intensifying, dramatically, and rapidly. 

The timing of this dynamic, in perfect harmony with the achievement of Fibonacci defined retracements in most all global equity indexes, and the most recent intensified technical and inter-market divergences, in line with the apparent bottoming of the US Dollar …

Ed Note: Greg Weldon noted in posting HERE on 11/30/09 “we still believe the Dollar is in the process of forging a significant low”.


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