China/US trade dispute could rock markets Big Time

Posted by Jack Crooks - Black Swan Capital LLC - comment from Dennis Gartman

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FX Trading – Hats off to China—They have made their intentions clear.  

“China has proven again and again to be many steps ahead of its Western counterparts.  It is in their interest to do so—so their actions cannot be faulted in the game of great powers. Those going into China to manufacture know the rules (most of them), China has clearly established the ground rules both explicitly; and implicitly by actions.  They make no secret of the fact they want to receive technology transfer as quid pro quo, requiring domestic production for access, instead of just shipping in goods, as happens in a trade relationship almost every place else on the planet.  Chinese policymakers make no secret of the fact they want foreigners to establish a domestic partner so that said technology can be replicated by a Chinese domestic firm and sold into the Chinese domestic market.  Western manufacturers volitionally accept this situation.  A situation they don’t seem to accept anywhere else.”

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“We, however, as a consumer stand fully in favor of “dumping. If some companies wish to “dump” their goods into our market at prices below the cost of production we say “Good on’em and very good on us,” for we get the benefits of low and lower prices, while those industries competing learn to hone their production even more sharply in order to compete effectively.” – Dennis Gartman