China is about to change the game

Posted by Larry Edelson -Uncommon Wisdom

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I’ve often come out with bold forecasts and have been told I’m nuts. I’ve been scoffed at by most other analysts and certainly those from Wall Street or those with any other traditional financial background.

Like when I predicted, way back at the end of 1999, that gold would soar from the $260 level to well over $1,000 an ounce in the years ahead.

Or when, in the year 2000, I forecast that the U.S. dollar was entering more than a decade of a deep bear market that would eventually see the currency lose its world reserve status.

Or when, in August 2004, I warned about the world’s brewing shortages in water, or “blue gold.” Or in January 2005, when I first foretold of skyrocketing food prices. Or when I forecast in 2006 that oil would hit $150 a barrel within a couple of years.

Then there were my repeated forecasts throughout the middle years of this past decade that China’s economy would roar like no other in the history of the world, and that Asian emerging markets would not be far behind it.