China Gold Consumption Going Exponential

Posted by King World News & Frank Holmes via

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With continued strong Chinese and Indian accumulation of physical gold, today King World News interviewed acclaimed money manager Stephen Leeb.  When asked about the massive physical buying out of Asia,Leeb replied, “People want a currency they can rely on and gold really is a currency.  If you are sitting there as the Chinese right now with $3.2 trillion, do you really want to have more dollars when we are likely to get the printing presses going full tilt.”

Stephen Leeb continues:
“Do you really want to buy the euro when you have Greece, which is spending like a drunken sailor, no.  You want something that is going to be around for as long as you’ve been around, and the only currency that has been around for as long as the Chinese have been around is gold and silver. – read more HERE



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