CEOs Become Vaccine Activists as Back-to-Office Push Grows

Posted by Thomas Buckley, Bloomberg News

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(Bloomberg) — Some chief executive officers are so eager for their employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19 that they’re granting workers time off or cash incentives to get shots.

Striking a persuasive tone on vaccination will become ever more important as executives hasten a return to the office. Employees at jeweler Tiffany & Co. in the U.S. have been instructed to work at least two days from the office from the beginning of March — whether they’re vaccinated or not.

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon said at a conference last month that more of the firm’s bankers would have been back in the office by now if vaccine distribution had been faster in the first quarter.

Working from home is an “aberration that we are going to correct as quickly as possible,” he said.

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