CDN Real Estate Smoking Hot + US Fed’s BIG Fear

Posted by Alia McMullen - Claus Vogt

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Canadian house prices have soared in the past decade and, despite the hiccup at the start of the recession, low interest rates have helped prices to continue to increase. Scotiabank economists said in a report that the run up in prices needed to be watched carefully because it could develop into a bubble. However, they said conditions did not warrant an interest rate increase just yet and that the pace of price increases would likely cool in about two to four years.

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What Does the Fed Fear, Then?

Why are Fed members continually reiterating the current zero percent interest rate policy?
Why are they assuring us that this policy will continue “for an extended period?”

What are they afraid of?

Do they see or know something we don’t?

Ed Note: Yes, and it involves Real Estate

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