Canada: “Be On Guard for thee” coming “macro-market turbulence”

Posted by Greg Weldon - Weldon's Money Monitor

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I have always loved Canada. From the time I read the biographies of Bobby Orr and Bobby Hull, as a kid, to the times I travelled to Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Prince Edward Island, and the Gaspe Peninsula as a teenager, to more recent visits to Vancouver for the World Outlook Conference … 

…. not to mention my love of the national sport, Hockey, or my time living with a bunch of “crazy Canucks” at Delta Kappa Epsilon, the “hockey frat” at Colgate University, I have always had a place in my heart for Canada, and for Canadians. From the Maple Leaf flag, to the Montreal Canadian’s home hockey jersey, I still feel warm when I hear the Canadian National Anthem … 

…”Oh Canada, glorious and free, we stand on guard, we stand on guard for thee”. 


Indeed, as noted in the chart below, Canada‟s Current Account Balance plunged to its DEEPEST DEFICIT EVER during the 3Q.


**Ed Note: this article goes on for 14 pages with some extraordinary charts to give the visual picture. One of the closing comments is “… Gold stands on guard, as the best “protector” of wealth in Canada”.  See how to read more at the bottom below.

More from Greg: Finally, in keeping with today’s Canadian theme, we would like to formally “introduce” the latest addition to Weldon Financial, Katelyn Ellis, math-physics whiz, and graduate of Canada’s McGill University.  Ms. Ellis will serve as my new “trading assistant”, hired to help handle the inflow of “demand”  linked to our Managed Futures business, and the re-opening of our Macro- Discretionary, Diversified Global “trading” Program, along with the introduction of our new Long-Short Commodity Only “portfolio”  Program.  

Welcome Katelyn, who just passed her Series 3 Exam with flying colors …… as in the red and white of the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag.

To read more of this penetrating 14 page article & Charts Titled MACRO-CANADA: We Stand On Guard For Thee …

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