Market Update – Stocks and Gold

Posted by Peter Grandich - comment by Dennis Gartman

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U.S. Stock Market -If I said it once I said it a thousand times, until the last line of defense was broken (two consecutive closes below 1,040 on the S & P 500) to the downside, I would continue to give the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd the benefit of the doubt that they could still stretch this bear market rally into late summer.

On June 1st, I posted the above chart and said that we could still see a right shoulder formation that would give us a bearish head and shoulders formation that could coincide with the cyclical top I’ve been forecasting for June/July 2010 since this time last year. A rally back to 10,800 – 11,000 would actually be a good thing if you’re like me and haven’t taken your bear suit off the hanger and slipped it over your self again.

The U.S. stock market guidelines I gave in my June 11th update remain.

Gold – The “Mother” of all secular bull markets continues. Remember you all owe a buck for the “Tokyo Rose Relief Fund” when we hit $1,300

Via Dennis Gartman: IS GOLD REALLY A  SEASONAL TRADE: We ran across this “seasonal” chart of gold yesterday, and  if it can be believed…and we see no reason why it shouldn’t be… then gold is making a seasonal low here in mid‐June. For a Trial Subscription go to The Gartman Letter


Weekly Chart of Gold via Money Talks


Back to Peter Grandich:

Note of Interest – A 50 million+ share offering of NSU comes free trading today (was done at $2.25 Cdn). It will be interesting to see it trade given that vague takeover rumors persist.

Daily Chart of NSU.TO via Money Talks


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