Bill Clinton Named Father of the Year!!!

Posted by Reuters via Money Talks Editor

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Holy Smokes, he’s an IMPEACHED president, Dis Barred Lawyer that LIED to his wife, his daughter, the American people and he CHEATED on his wife with numerous women….. and he gets father of the year? Wouldn’t you think the Father of The Year would be required to be faithful to his wife at a minimum?

While we’ve come to expect this kind of an award from today’s current media, what does it say about the state of American morals that this kind of an award comes from the Non-Profit National Fathers Day Council?

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. President Bill Clinton is in line for a new title – Father of the Year.
The non-profit National Father’s Day Council plans to award him that honor at a New York fundraiser for Save the Children on Tuesday.