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Posted by Erste Group Research via Peter Grandich

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Gold and Gold Stock June 2010 Market Forecast HERE

In GOLD we trust – June 2010

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2009 was an exciting and lucrative year for gold investors. Our first target price of USD 1,300 was almost reached, but to reiterate an earlier statement – our actual target is USD 2,300/ounce. The gold price broke the USD 1,000 mark on a sustainable basis and increased by 24% y/y in USD terms and by 20.5% y/y in EUR terms. But 2010 and beyond should turn out even more interesting for gold – and we would like to discuss the reasons in our fourth annual Gold Report.


In the short run, the sentiment seems a bit overly optimistic, and also, the CoT positioning would suggest a correction. From the third and fourth quarter onwards, positive seasonals should be lending support. Our next 12-month target is USD 1,600. We expect the parabolic trend phase to still be ahead of us. At the end of this cycle the price should reach our target of USD 2,300.

Gold and Gold Stock June 2010 Market Forecast HERE



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Inflation adjusted Gold

Gold vs Oil June 2010

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Gold Corrections in percent june 2010

Gold Stocks percentage of assets

Gold Stocks June 2010

Gold ETF's Gold Stocks

Gold intrady trading patterns June 2010

Central Bank holdings of Gold June 2010

Gold and Gold Stock June 2010 Market Forecast HERE