A list of the very few Pure Silver Stocks

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2010 List of Silver Mining Stocks and Companies

Compiling a list of silver companies is controversial as there are only very few pure silver plays. The white metal is mostly mined in combination with gold or base metals, which can dramatically change the bottom line of silver miners. In some cases the mining of base metals and gold can lead to negative cash costs for every ounce of silver produced.


Silver is primarily used in jewelery and in industrial applications, as it is the best metallic electric conductor.

Expecting silver prices to multiply in the next 5 years these companies give extra leverage – if their plans come true.

…..read more and view the list HERE

Ed Note: The chart on Seasonal Silver I have posted is from Don Vialoux and this is his comment below:

“Silver’s seasonal strength is approaching an end in May.SI) Seasonal Chart”