A Junior Gold Company that’s getting things “exactly right”

Posted by Bob Moriarty - 321Gold.com

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Bob Moriarty of 321Gold.com in this exclusive Gold Report interview commenting on  Kiska Metals Corporation, on of the few-and-far-between juniors that manage to get things exactly right.

“TGR: In a recent 321Gold report, you wrote what a great pleasure it is on your site visits “to see those companies that get it exactly right. They are few and far between.” Can you tell us what some of these companies are getting exactly right, and what makes them stand out?”

BM: Another company that is in a little bit earlier-stage work-in-progress than Rio Alto is Kiska Metals Corporation (TSX.V:KSK). It has some potential for being one of those companies to get it exactly right. Kiska has a big district in Alaska that probably has the potential of a Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (NYSE.A:NAK; TSX:NDM). I’m going to go see them in mid-July. Kiska is very cheap and management appears to be very good. Kennecott Exploration Inc.—a subsidiary of Rio Tinto Ltd. (LSE:RIO; NYSE:RTP; AUS:RIO)—has back-in rights to the Island Mountain Discovery in Kiska’s Whistler Project. If Kennecott exercises these rights, it would be financially very lucrative for Kiska. If they don’t, it would remove the uncertainty. Investors hate uncertainty. It doesn’t matter if Kennecott backs in or not, there is uncertainty.

TGR: They’re just finishing some assays on that?

BM: Yeah. They have a major program underway. And again, they’ve tied up an entire district. It’s going to be a very big, high-grade project.

TGR: How does Kiska’s property compare to the district that Del Steiner’s tied up in Idaho?

BM: Kiska has the potential of being a NovaGold or a Northern Dynasty with up to 40 Moz. of gold. Del Steiner’s is a lot smaller. Del’s might be 5 Moz., but he has the ability to put it into production really cheaply. He has to do a lot of things right to get it going, but it should be a very profitable. It’s a nice size district with lots of potential.

TGR: What about costs for Kiska?

BM: Kiska’s is going to be an expensive project; it will be one of those projects that costs $1 billion to get into production. I don’t remember for sure, but I think NovaGold spent $9 million just on its earn-in and has easily spent $50M–$100M at Donlin Creek. It’s like Northern Dynasty, where hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent. When you’re dealing resources worth between $10 billion and $30 billion, you have to spend the money in exploration.


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