16 Trillion Visualized!!!

Posted by T.S. Weidler & Demonocracy.info

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usd-100 dollars-100_USD

– A stack of 16 trillion dollar bills, laid flat on top of each other, packed down with no space between them would go past Mt. Everest, out of the stratosphere, past the international space station, past the moon, around the far side, and back. Twice.

– 16 trillion dollars laid long ways, end to end with no space between them, would go on past the moon, past Venus, past Mercury, up to the surface of the sun, back to Earth, past Earth, past Mars, around the back side of Jupiter, back past Earth again, and back to the sun. If you travelled this loop, the second time you reached the sun you would still have about four trillion left to toss in the sun. You have to get rid of it somehow.

Here is another way to think about the sixteen trillion dollar hole.

You may remember the famous chess competition of 1997, when international chess champion Garry Kasparov was defeated in a six round chess competition by a multimillion dollar supercomputer named Deep Blue. Deep Blue was built by IBM over an eight year period on a virtually unlimited budget. It was capable of processing 200 million calculations per second.

Now, imagine Deep Blue smoking out the vents, straining and grinding its overworked processors for 22 straight hours. That is how long it would take for it to count to 16 trillion, running at its peak capacity.

What I’m trying to say is that in the entire course of human history, we have only in the past 15 years developed the technology necessary to count our own debt. It is bigger than our most gifted human minds can count. Spend it while you can. – Full article HERE

Or another visual starting with…..

One Hundred Dollars

$100 – Most counterfeited money denomination in the world.
Keeps the world moving.

usd-100 dollars-100_USD

Ten Thousand Dollars

$10,000 – Enough for a great vacation or to buy a used car.
Approximately one year of work for the average human on earth

usd-10000 dollars-10000_USD

One Hundred Million Dollars

$100,000,000 – Plenty to go around for everyone.
$100M Fits nicely on an ISO / Military standard sized pallet. 

The couch is worth $46.7 million. Made out of crispy $100 bills

usd-100 million_dollars-100000000_USD-v2.jpg

One Billion Dollars

$1,000,000,000 – You will need some help when robbing the bank. 
Interesting fact: $1 million dollars weights 10kg exactly. 
You are looking at 10 tons of money on those pallets. 
The US Federal Government spends $1 Billion in roughly ~2.5 hours

usd-1 billion_dollars-1000000000_USD-v2

US Budget – Total Spending – $3,795.6 Billion

The public servants in Washington are responsible to manage huge sums of the American people’s hard earned tax dollars, and also the money they get by borrowing, including from the Federal Reserve, who bought a MASSIVE 61% of US debt that was issued in 2011. 
If the US Budget’s responsibility would be divided equally between by each member of Congress and the President, each public servant would be responsible for $7.08 Billion. This gives them same responsibility as someone who’s managing a wealthy Billionaire’s money. 

demonocracy-2012 government_budget-full-fiscal_cliff

Great site to look at a further breakdown HERE