10 Stocks that could double in 12 months

Posted by Peter Grandich - Grandich.com

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Back on Feb 10th, I picked ten stocks that could double in the next 12 months. The list is up an average 17%. With a little more than two months gone by, here’s a follow-up to those picks (Model portfolio has been updated).

Anooraq Resources Up 36% – The PGMs continue to perform well and it appears the investment world sees ANO as a true emerging major PGMs producer. Rating raised to outperform from market perform at Raymond James today.

Continental Minerals Up 12% – See past comment Unusual to see First Boston as an aggressive buyer of late-hmm…?

Crocodile Gold Down 17% – Firing on all cylinders corporate-wise. Weakness is an opportunity to put an aggressive emerging producer in most gold portfolios (keep in mind I’m very biased).

Donner Metals Nil – Drilling success continues. Further update hopeful soon.

Evolving Gold Nil – In several decades in and around the junior resource sector, I can’t recall a situation quite like this. Most juniors never even come close to having one world-class deposit let alone two. EVG is IMHO in possession of two yet many speculators and professional investors don’t have any real love for EVG’s management as a whole. This lack of love shows up in the share price as I believe it would be much higher if not for this supposed bad taste in many mouths.

Management has stated to me they are well aware of this and are addressing it. I suspect any such “mouthwash” should be applied before the drilling kicks off at the Rattlesnake project. Stay tuned.

Heatherdale Resources Down 18% – A lack of major promotion and analyst coverage at the moment has impacted the share price. We’re not even in the third inning yet but because the second inning of drill results weren’t as strong at the first inning out-of-the-box shot, some holders have thrown in the towel already. This is premature at the very least and quite possibly a gift to those who take their place now. A more detailed commentary can be anticipated from me in the not-too-distant future.

Nevsun Resources Up 21% – As it moves closer to commercial production, the share price can follow.

Rodinia Minerals Down 16% – Lack of fresh news and an overall quiet to down rare metals market in general, has led to RM’s share price overall weakness. I continue to believe RM can be more than just a player in this sector play.

Silver Quest Resources Up 115% – As good as it has performed, relative to where it’s many projects are versus where they were a few months ago, the stock appears still quite cheap. Its drill season window is only first opening now so we should have lots of news in the coming months.

Taseko Mines Up 43% – News on Prosperity is likely the next potential catalyst for the share price. Stay tuned.


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