10 Reasons You Should Follow Formula One

Posted by Hanna Elliott -Forbes Magazine

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0x600Some have decried F1 as too political, a haven for spoiled rich kids, and an empire run by a billionaire tyrant who is eccentric at best. But the race in Monte Carlo is grand in the best sense of the word: Fast**, colorful, loud, dangerous, interesting and spectated by some of the wealthiest people on earth.*** 

When I was there last week I saw the single largest conglomerate of 6-foot tall women with impeccable skin and hair worth thousands in upkeep I’ve ever seen. They flocked to pop-up clubs like Amber Lounge and Billionaire’s Club, followed closely by solitary or two-by-two 40-something men in collared shirts and blazers.

It cost 800 Euros per person to get into the Amber Lounge and 300 Euros per person plus a two-bottle minimum to get into the famous Jimmyz club. One close friend told me he personally saw a man spend $200,000 in one night at the Billionaire’s Club. (This year it was located at the bottom of the Fairmont Hotel. The Amber Lounge was in Le Méridien.)

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