10 Reasons to buy Bonds – A trillion to buy Gold

Posted by Christopher Pavese and Bespoke Investment Group

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“Sparked by a growing recognition of sovereign risk originating from the eurozone, investors flocked to the relative safety of US Treasuries last week, driving yields on the 30 Year Bond to 4.28% and the 10 Year Treasury to 3.43% at Friday’s close. We expect this move out of risk assets and into government bonds to accelerate in the period ahead”

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A Trillion Reasons For Gold’s Rally to New Highs

With the Euro resuming its decline following Monday’s announcement of a trillion dollar rescue fund, it should come as no surprise that gold is right back near its record highs from last year. As countries push the printing presses into overdrive, investors are running for gold.


Hourly Chart posted by Money Talks @ 8:03 PST



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