09/10 Stock advance breaking up

Posted by Richard Russell - Dow Theory Letters

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The following study points to a phenomenon that nobody seems to have noticed. I’ve posted below the Dow yearly low closes during the last ten years.

2000 — 9796.03
2001 — 8235.81
2002 — 7286.27
2003 — 7424.06
2004 — 9749.99
2005 — 10012.36
2006 — 10667.39
2007 — 12050.41
2008 — 7550.29
2009 — 6747.05

Note that at the 2009 (March 9) low the Dow had violated all previous lows going back to the year 2000 — this was a violation of nine previous yearly lows. Did anyone realize the bearishness of the 2009 violation? If ever there was a bearish signal that was it. The 2009 break might have been followed by a stock market crash. But at the March 9 low, the stock market was severely oversold. On top of that, the Fed had opened the liquidity spigots and Fed funds were lowered to zero. That combination was enough to halt the bear market decline and send the stock market into a bear market upward correction.

My belief is that the 2009-2010 upward correction is now in the slow and tedious process of breaking up. For that reason, I have suggested my subscribers to be out of stocks and on the sidelines. Because the primary bear market has been halted or bottled up since March 2009, I suspect that the coming bear leg will be particularly vicious. It will be brutal because the Fed has already “shot its load,” and further activity from the Bernanke Fed will be limited and fiercely opposed by many.


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