You Won’t Hear This Anywhere Else

Posted by Michael Campbell

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Mike reveals the elephant in the room for G7 leaders – including Prime Minister Trudeau – after 7 years of failure they have no idea what to do to get the economy growing – and he tells you the surprising reason why.

Save Yourself From Chaotic Central Bankers

Dr Michael Berry talks to Michael about Federal Reserve insider talk.  About Federal Reserve head, Janet Yellen’s latest promise to raise rates – the implications and what you can do to protect yourself.

Two Big Opportunities

This weeks Big Fat Idea from Jamie Switzer involves two strong opportunities in renewable energy, companies that have diverse revenue streams with a focus on wind, solar and with a large share of hydroelectric power.

A Golden Opportunity?

Live From The Trading Desk: The gold market has record volume this week – and dropped $40 – should golf investors be worried or is it a good buying spot.

Time To Have Some Fun

An international take on ElbowGate by the comedian John Oliver

Mike’s Quote of the Week

What’s one of the saddest lessons of history?

Mike’s Favorite Story of the Week

More evidence of the slow slide under the waves of the political realm as we’ve grown to know it

The Definition of Impossible

Shocking Stat: Hillary Clinton famously made $100,000 trading cattle futures in 10 months (and never traded again) – a group of economists tell us what were the odds.

This Week’s Lightning Rod

Just mention Justin Trudeau’s belief we aren’t smart enough to vote on electoral reform and the hordes come out raging to his defense.

A Fountain of Goofy With Hillary & Donald

Mike taps in to US politics – the gift that keeps on giving – this week’s goofy goes to the dynamic duo of The Donald and Hillary – and they are so deserving.