You Should Know The Drill By Now

Posted by Peter Grandich -

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Gold $1,733

Despite a decade-long up gold market, most investors and professionals still don’t (and/or refuse to) grasp two things:

1-Gold has been in the “mother” of all bull markets
2- Raids and washouts have been a part of the process and shall not change as the “mother” continues its quest for a all-time inflation adjusted high.

I’ve invoked this video many times in the past  to remind you that the very small minority of us who have stayed steadfast bullish for the long-term should never forget we’re in a battle with forces that may out-man and out-media us, but the victory shall be ours.

We’re nearing the mountain top and yes, some will get picked off before reaching the top. My advice is best expressed at the end of this clip.