While you were Sleeping

Posted by David Rosenberg - Gluskin Sheff

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We’re not sure whether to be happy or sad over the fact that some of our long- standing views — once viewed as controversial — are now making the headlines in the popular press.  Do we rejoice over the acceptance, or do we start to fade the trade?

Frugality has been a key theme of ours, and now we see How to Be Frugal and Still Be Asked on Dates on page B1 of the Saturday NYT. 
Gold as a currency play as opposed to being strictly a commodity — have a look at Rethinking Gold: What If It Isn’t a Commodity After All on page B7 of the weekend WSJ.

Housing is now a ball and chain to the baby boomer population as opposed to a viable retirement asset has been a critical theme of ours for the past several years.  Sure enough, what do we see on the front page of today’s NYT?  A column supporting this view titled Your Home as Sure Nest Egg? That Era is Over, Analysts Say.

Finally, this deliberate asset-allocation shift out of equities and into bonds by the general public (as opposed to being a classic “contrarian” move) — see In Striking Shift, Investors Flee Stock Market on the front page of the Sunday NYT.


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