Where are the Stops? – Tuesday, July 30: Gold and Silver

Posted by Charles Gunning

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Editor’s Note: Introducing Kitco’s latest addition to its industry-leading metals markets reports: Jim Wyckoff’s “Where Are the Stops?” daily report.

Professional traders have a very good idea of price levels at which buy and sell stop orders are located on a daily basis. And now you will, too! If pre-placed buy or sell stop order are triggered, bigger price moves can immediately follow. Most stop orders are located and placed based upon key technical support or resistance levels on the daily chart, which if breached, would significantly change the near-term technical posture of that market. Having a good idea, beforehand, where the buy and sell stops are located can give an active trader a better idea regarding at what price level buying or selling pressure will become intensified in that market.

….read about the location of the stops HER