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Everywhere we look on a daily basis we can access a deluge of financial information; it has become a challenge to sort through the extraneous to find the significant. At Money Talks, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive, relevant, and up the minute financial information in one convenient location. In fact, consider us one of your most important financial resources. We offer financial advisory services by way of bringing to light the opinions of prolific financial professionals and thinkers – those who continually study the global economy and have something they wish to offer; market opinion that can help shape our own financial decisions. Additionally we offer information on the variety of tools available to you today – from investing in gold and silver to handling your own investments through such trade vehicles as Disnat Direct.

Finding You the Finest Calibre of Independent Financial Thinking

This is what we continuously strive to achieve here at MoneyTalks. We bring you information that is beyond what you will find through mainstream media; financial advisory services that speak to the extensive information that is available to us in the financial industry. A rich tapestry of thought is unabashedly represented on our site, giving our visitors the benefit of many different points of view. We believe that in giving voice to varying opinions we give our visitors the richest experience so that they can confidently reach their own financial goals.

Through Money Talks you will receive daily financial updates including quotes and market data, market opinion as shared by financial free thinkers, ongoing commentary from MoneyTalks Radio, information on investments/financial conditions, discussion on investing in gold and silver, links to analyst newsletters, videos and CDs from past Money Talks conferences as well as tickets to upcoming conferences.

It will continue to be our commitment to be a comprehensive financial resource for our visitors; to put you back in control of your finances with the help of the latest information available and a variety of professional opinions to lead the way.